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News - Archive 2003 - 2009

May 2003
LaVision BioTec's TriM Scope has won the exceptional price of the OWL Innovation Awards
LaVision BioTec's TriM Scope has won the exceptional price of the OWL Innovation Awards. The jury appreciated the innovative idea behind the TriM Scope and the development of this outstanding technique. The official ceremony will take place November 5th, 2003.

May 2004
The TriM Scope now offers Single Beam Scanning and multiple non-descanned photo multiplers in fluorescence and transmission direction

January 2005
LaVision BioTec for the first time at the ELMI
LaVision Biotec will participate for the first time at the meeting of the European Light Microscopy Initiative ELMI in Semmering, Austria in May 2005.

January 2005
TriM Scope publication from Paul French
Paul Frenchs group at Imperial College just published a paper based on unique features of the TriM Scope: »Richard K. P. Benninger, Bjoern Oenfelt, Mark A. A. Neil, Daniel M. Davis and Paul M. W. French: Fluorescence Imaging of Two-Photon Linear Dichroism: Cholesterol Depletion Disrupts Molecular Orientation in Cell Membranes Biophys. J. 2005, 88, p. 609-622«

September 2005
Vergabe von Lizenzen auf mehrere Patente an LaVision BioTec
Der Unternehmensbereich Mikroskopie der Carl Zeiss AG hat rückwirkend zum 4. August 2005 der Firma La Vision BioTec GmbH, Bielefeld, Lizenzen auf mehrere Patente vergeben. Diese Patente schützen die Verwendung ultrakurzer, im Femtosekundenbereich liegender Laserpulse zur Multiphotonen-Fluoreszenzanregung in der Laser Scanning Mikroskopie. Die weltweit exklusiven Rechte an dieser Methode inklusive der Berechtigung zur Vergabe von Unterlizenzen hatte das Unternehmen von der Cornell Foundation im Jahr 2004 erworben. Nach Vergabe der Unterlizenzen, ist LaVision BioTec zurzeit neben Carl Zeiss weltweit der einzige Hersteller, der fs-Multiphotonen-Mikroskope anbieten darf.

December 2006
INMED Marseille publishes article in Science
Congratulations to Ramon Tyzio, Roustem Khazipov, Rosa Cossart, Yehezkel Ben-Ari and coworkers from »INMED Marseille« for publishing "Maternal Oxytocin Triggers a Transient Inhibitory Switch in GABA Signaling in the Fetal Brain During Delivery" in Science 2006, Dec 15; 314(5806):1788-92. 

January 2007
Ragona Scientific represents LaVision BioTec in US and Canada
LaVision BioTec GmbH has issued the exclusive marketing licences for its products in the North East of the United States and Eastern Canada to »Ragona Scientific«, Pittsford. See our contact page.

September 2007
Helmholtz Center for Immunology Research
Matthias Gunzer and his team from Helmholtz Center for Immunology Research, Braunschweig, entered the cover page image of this month Biophysical Journal. The series of images demonstrates the unique capabilities of the TriMScope to combine deep and fast in-vivo imaging.

November 2007
TriM Scope for Centenary Institute, Sydney
The Centenary Institute, one of Australia ’s leading medical research institutes, has unveiled a microscope more powerful than any other in the country.
Designed and built by German company LaVision BioTec, the multiphoton microscope and its array sit on a specialised table about the size of a single mattress. It uses dual laser beams to view the sample, allowing scientists to observe fast-moving objects and dynamic processes in living tissue. The lasers have also been enhanced to produce longer wavelengths, enabling researchers to observe objects in tissue up to 0.5 mm thick. [...]"

November 2008
TriM Scope on Youtube
TriMScope on Youtube, our customers on the Internet. Inserm U 901 of french INMED presenting its research and technology on Youtube. Watch the director, Y. Ben-Ari, Rosa Cossart and other Chefs d'equipes explaining their cutting edge work in the field of brain development, plasticity and brain disorders that are often initiated during brain maturation. The TriMScope appears at 6 min into the movie as "microscopie bi-photonique multi-faisceaux".

March 2009
LaVision BioTec User Meeting
LaVision BioTec invites all its customers and users to participate in the user meeting to be held at the Max-Delbrück-Center, Berlin on 25.05.-27.05.2009.
Hosted by Professor Frauke Zipp and Dr. Martin Lipp we will present an interesting scientific program and discuss all current topics important to intravital and multiphoton microscopy.

July 2009
Highly recommended IR literature
Infrared multiphoton microscopy: subcellular-resolved deep tissue imaging
by Peter Friedl
(for further information please visit our literature list)

July 2009
TriM Scope in Science magazine
Congratulations again to Rosa Cossart, Paolo Bonifazi and the team from INMED Marseille for their latest publication in Science:
GABAeric Hub Neurons Orchestrate Synchrony in Developing Hippocampal Networks.

October 2009
Ultramicroscope at the Neuroscience in Chicago
LaVision BioTec is the first company to present a commercial light sheet microscope.

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