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No user meeting would be complete without comprehensive practical workshops. Ours will concentrate on ways to best generate data on the different UltraMicroscope platforms for the broad array of applications currently being produced. Other workshops will focus on our image acquisition software ImSpector and on software for data processing. One workshop project we would like to highlight is the clearing discussion workshop. As you may know, today there is a vast number of clearing procedures available. Researchers have to identify the perfect clearing procedure for their application. A lecture is, in this case, less helpful than a lively discussion. The clearing workshop is organized as a discussion opportunity between smaller user groups. We will provide as much input as possible, but the most valuable aspect here is the experience we and the users share with each other.
Workshop A
Ultramicroscope I:
The main topics are image acquisition, alignment and trouble-shooting.
Workshop B
Ultramicroscope II:
The topics are the same as in workshop A, but geared to the needs of UltraMicroscope II users.
Workshop C
ImSpector software:
Here we will show and explain helpful features of the latest software version for operating the UltraMicroscope.
Workshop D
Data processing:
The TIFF data files provided by our ImSpector software can be processed easily with different open source- or commercial software solutions. Nevertheless, we would like to introduce to you a powerful new software product which has been optimized for light sheet data.
Workshop E
This will be a discussion-based workshop in smaller user groups, focusing on the same clearing procedure for different applications.

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